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Profiles Sales Indicator
Beat the "80-20" Rule (Pareto Effect)
once and for all by selecting only
those salespeople with the potential
for extraordinary sales success

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The Goal

The Problem

It has long been accepted that 80% of all products and services are sold by just 20% of the salespeople. The so-called "80-20 Rule" is a challenge to all sales executives who strive to build exceptional sales organizations.

Profiles International, Inc., has developed a tool for those who want to break with tradition and banish the "80-20 Rule" forever. It is the Profiles Sales Indicator, an assessment that measures the essential qualities of sales people.

When people make an honest effort to do a good job and fail, it is usually because they were in jobs that did not fit. Matching people to the work they do a primary mission of Profiles International, Inc. An analysis of people working in sales shows that over half of them are miscast. They lack the basic qualities required for success in sales and should be doing something else for a living. Of those remaining, a little more than half could succeed in sales, but at the moment, they are selling the wrong products or services. That leaves the remaining 20% of salespeople who are in jobs that they fit. These are the people who sell about 80% of the world's products and services.

Final Analysis

This suggests that about half of the people in sales should never have been hired for sales jobs in the first place and another 30% should have been hired to sell something else. Thus, the typical employer may be making three hiring mistakes for each correct one. Obviously, the best place to attack the "80-20 Rule" is in the hiring process.

The Solution

When hiring salespeople, the objective is to hire only those who have the characteristics of the top 20%. The challenge is to find an instrument that can assess for those characteristics with a high degree of accuracy. The Profiles Sales Indicator is the solution.

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What the Profiles Sales Indicator Measures

The 5 key qualities that make salespeople successful

Percentage of
Job Match
90 1
Match to your customized job pattern
1. Competitiveness
X X X 8 8 8 X X X X
Persuasive, Confident, Assertive
2. Self-reliance
X X X X X X X 8 9 X
Independent, Individualistic
3. Persistence
X X X X X X X 8 X X
Persevering, Unwavering, Emotionally Tough
4. Energy
X X X X X X X 8 9 X
High Endurance, Spontaneous, Fast Paced
5. Sales Drive
X X X X X X X 8 X X
Success Oriented, Internally Driven, Outcome Focused

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The Profiles Sales Indicator
Predicts Performance in
7 Critical Sales Behaviors

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The Profiles Sales Indicator
is Easy to Use

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The Profiles Sales Indicator
has Many Uses

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The Profiles Sales Indicator
is Customizable by

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Put Profiles Sales Indicator to work in your sales organization today.

The Profiles Sales Indicator is for both current sales team evaluations and pre-employment screening.

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