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The Career Coach is a state-of-the-art, on-line career assessment for high school juniors and seniors and college students as well as all job seekers.

Contact Information:

Robert F. Gately. PE, MBA
Gately Consulting
115 Dutcher Street
Hopedale, MA 01747

Tel: (508) 634-7748
Fax: (508) 634-0670

Download sample report from our sample reports page.

When we leave career selection to chance, we leave success to chance as well.

Click here to download a Career Coach sample report in PDF format. While you are at the download page feel free to review the other sample reports that you can download. If you are a business owner or manager our suite of assessments can help you solve your people problems.

How to take the Career Coach On-Line

Before you decide to take the Career Coach Assessment be sure you have read the press release and have downloaded and read the Career Coach Sample Report.

Click here and follow the instructions for taking the Career Coach on-line.

How to pay for your Career Coach Report

You do not need to decide to pay for the Career Coach until you want us to score your answers and send the report to you by email. However, be sure to let us know how you want to pay for the report.

We suggest you call Bob Gately at 1-508-634-7748 and provide him with your complete contact data and charge card data, see below. If you wish, print this page then complete the form and fax it to Bob Gately at 1-508-634-0670.

You may complete the form on-line and then hit the submit button once, see below. This not a secure web site so please omit your charge card account number. Bob Gately will call you for that information later.

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American Express; Discover; MasterCard; VISA

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Expiration Date: or Month ______; Year ______
Name on Card:
Salutation: or ____; Gender: Male: Female
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Press the "Submit Form Now" button only once.


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