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Free Downloads and Order Form
for the Bliss-Gately Tool


Business Costs and Impacts of Turnover
an MS Excel 97 workbook from
Bliss and Associates, Inc.
& Gately Consulting


Bob Gately at 1-508-634-7748

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A - Free Downloads

...Free Download No. 1:... . ...Sample Reports from our on-line assessment center...

Click here to download any of the sample reports, PDF format, for the assessments, see list below, on our on-line assessment center.

Assessment # Reports Applicants and/or Employees?
Profile Assessment 7 Both
Performance Indicator 2 Employees
Team Analysis 1 Employees
Step One Survey 1 Applicants
Customer Service Survey 1 Both
Call Center Survey 2 Both
Sales Indicator 1 Both
CheckPoint 360 1 Employees
The Career Coach is free for high schools and colleges, call for details.
Career Coach 1 Students & career changers
...Free Download No. 2:... . ...Bliss-Gately Tool demo w / PTT spreadsheet...

Click here to download a free, non-working, version of the Bliss-Gately Tool, MS Excel 97 spreadsheet, filename "Free1997.xls"; 477 KB.

...Free Download No. 3:... . ...Bliss-Gately Tool Owner's Manual...

Click here to download the free Owner's Manual for the Bliss-Gately Tool, MS Word format, filename "BlissGately_OwnerManual.doc"; 520 KB.

...Free Download No. 4:... . ...Cost of Turnover Workbook ...

Click here to download the free MS Excel workbook for estimating the cost of turnover. Filename "cot_est.xls"; 20 KB.

...Free Download No. 5:... . ...Turnover Workbook ...

Click here to download the free MS Excel workbook for calculating monthly and annual turnover rates. Filename "to_rate.xls"; 33 KB.

...Free Download No. 6:... . ...ROI Workbook ...

Click here to download the free MS Excel workbook for calculating an ROI (Return On Investment). Filename "roi_calc.xls"; 24 KB.

...Free Download No. 7:... . ...Book Review -- "First break all the rules......

Click here to download and read the review of the book First break all the rules, what the world's greatest managers do differently. The download is a zipped file, "; 18 KB", that contains two MS Word files, the review, filename "1stbreak.doc; 30 KB", and the miscellaneous quotes, filename "1stbquot.doc; 33 KB", plus the Excel workbook, filename "1stbreak.xls; 23 KB".

Click here to read the on-line review of the book "First break all the rules, what the world's greatest managers do differently."

...Free Download No. 8:... . ...Career Assessment Center...

Click here to read about the Career Assessment Center. Be sure to download the sample report and take the Career Coach before you decide purchase the report. .

...Free Download No. 9:... . ..."Testing and Assessment: an Employer's Guide..."...

Click here to download the "Testing and Assessment: an Employer's Guide to Good Practices", Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, 1999 (PDF format).

...Free Download No. 10:... . ..."Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures"...

Click here to review the "Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures ", EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, Department of Labor, 1978.

B - Order Form, Bliss-Gately Tool

To purchase the Bliss-Gately Tool print this form and then fill in
all data then fax it to 1-508-634-0670 or fill-in the data below
and press the "Submit Form Now" button, see below.

We prefer that you print the form, fill-in the information and fax it to 1-508-634-0670.

Select from the three licenses available
Single User = US $249 (1 user at 1 location)
Site License= US $999 (6 users at 1 location)
Corporate License = US $9,999 (100 users at many locations)

Version: or circle version above
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Expiration Date: or Month ___; Year 20____
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Street Address:
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Email Address:
Telephone Number: . Fax Number:
Number of Employees: or 1 - 9; 10 - 99; 100 - 499; 500 - 999;
1,000 - 9,999; 10,000 - 24,499; 25,000+

Press the "Submit Form Now" button only once.


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