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Call Bob Gately @ 508-634-7748 if you have a question or would like a price quote on one or more of our assessments or services.

Here is a list, see below, of various web sites, with links, that may be of interest. Email your favorite web sites to bob gately so he can add them to the list. See the complete list below.

Lastest Additions
College Placement Services of New England

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Spotlighted Websites:

Business Resources:

The Cincinnati Network

Relocation Consultants:

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc.

The National Center for Employee Ownership

Training Sites:

The Catalyst Group
Growth Associates

College Placement Assistance

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Salary Surveys:



    • Displays correct conservative values
    • Offers ~30,000 jobs' average pay
    • Provides a reliability standard error
    • Shows sources and source data
    • Provides a population ("n") estimate, illustrates if jobs exist in an area
    • Shows pay for 45,000 U.S./Canada cities
    • Provides buying power comparisons
    • Shows total compensation with benefits
    • Displays a full statistical methodology
    • Access to pay data in 209 countries
    • Source data defensible in court
    • All data compared to national norms
    • Obtaining data via a Palm or handheld device
    • Conservative values assist management

The following compiled by
Kristy Smith, Recruiter
Koch Industries, Inc


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The Catalyst Group

Sales Training Programs

  1. Negotiation Skills for Sales:

    This program focuses on the selection and use of the most appropriate negotiating tactics for specific customer situations. Participants learn how to exchange currencies other than price in order to reach win/win agreements. Depending on the needs of your sales force, optional modules such as team and contract negotiations can be included.

  2. Advanced Selling Skills Workshop:

    This advanced selling skills program is designed for experienced salespeople. Emphasis is placed on identifying a salesperson's preferred selling style, and then working to increase selling style flexibility. Critical customer situations are used throughout the program. Participants will learn how to better service existing accounts and to generate new business at prospective accounts.

  3. Team Selling (Collaboration Skills):

    This workshop explores how to maximize your team's effectiveness by utilizing the unique skills and abilities of each member. We combine the framework of team development with the special requirements of a complex sale. This workshop is targeted for long-cycle, complex selling situations with multiple stakeholders on each side of the transaction.

  4. Strategic Account Management:

    Does your sales strategy support your overall business strategy? Do you even have an explicit sales strategy? This workshop is intended for senior sales people, national account managers, and sales & marketing managers. The workshop teaches a planning and thought process needed to identify strategic accounts, gain entry, broaden account penetration, and improve customer retention.

  5. Professional Sales Presentations:

    This highly experiential seminar is designed to address the special problems and opportunities that occur during sales presentations, ranging from formal presentations to impromptu one-on-one meetings. Sales people will learn how to use customer presentations to advance the sale, and to create a positive image for themselves and their company.

  6. The Reluctant Seller:

    The nature of selling has become more complex as an increasing number of non-sales staff are involved. From technical advisors to attorneys, many feel uncomfortable with selling. This program is designed to change the perception of sales support personnel, and to develop skills to service existing accounts and to support sales efforts at new accounts.

  7. Time and Territory Management:

    Sales professionals need to manage their selling time and organizational resources effectively. Planning and time management skills that are essential for all levels of sales expertise. Participants learn how to manage the key accounts and prospects in their territory, and to use time management techniques that are well-suited to sales situations.

  8. Coaching for Improved Sales Performance (Performance Mgmt.):

    Successful sales managers are good coaches. This program teaches sales managers a systematic way to diagnose coaching situations, and increases the manager's flexibility and effectiveness as a coach. It enables managers to reinforce and develop those selling skills that are critical to the success of their employees.

Business & HR Related:

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Legal & business forms:

  • is one of the world's largest employment resources, providing discovery, development and management systems for companies and candidates alike. Free resume posting. Accessed by thousands of employers and recruiters daily.

  • The Cincinnati Network

    The Cincinnati Network ( has established a global consortium with many pre-qualified experts in many areas. They can help with many types of technical and business projects and positions.

    Exxnet is also a great place to find useful and interesting information for business and personal needs. It covers more than 1,000 topics and contains hot links to more than 10,000 carefully selected Web sites.

  • The National Center for Employee Ownership

    The National Center for Employee Ownership is a private, nonprofit information, membership, and research organization with over 3,200 members worldwide. We are considered the leading source of information about broad employee ownership plans, including ESOPs and broad-based stock option plans. We provide seminars, conferences, publications, a newsletter, and other information services based on our extensive research and work with experts and companies in the field. <>

  • Growth Associates

    Growth Associates provides organizational improvement in customer service, customer treatment, and continuous quality improvement that is measurable and guaranteed.

    The following are the articles are currently archived on our web site under Tips, Articles, and Presentations.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE 101 -- If You Don't Know The Steps, You Can't Do The Dance [2768 words]

    What can this brief article possibly offer on customer service that is not already in print, film, or video? How about a brief summary of what all these publications offer. Customer Service 101 describes the basic six steps to building customer satisfaction.

    PROBLEM SOLVING -- Fixing The Problem, Not The Blame [955 words]

    Focusing on why a mistake occurred and who is to blame wastes time. The larger the mistake the less likely anyone will take responsibility for making it. Fear of repercussions makes great debaters of many of us.

    Customer Treatment Training Can Make The Difference [937 words]

    Seamless customer satisfaction every day, every time, every interaction - every "moment of truth." Realistic? No. Attainable? Maybe! Building a seamless customer satisfaction organization begins with understanding what will enable us to produce successful "moments in truth."

    Empowerment Training [1044 words]

    No place is perfect - no one is perfect - no customer expects you to be perfect. However, they expect you to recover in near perfect time. Empowerment enables you and your organization to do this. Only an empowered Service Engineer can respond immediately to the infinite variety of customers' needs.

    Measurable Objectives -- If You're Not Measuring It, You're Not Managing It [858 words]

    For over thirty years, I've observed that most training efforts are a waste. They focus on teaching people to "learn" and "understand." The problem with such training is that it is difficult to measure what someone has learned or understands until they are asked to demonstrate it with behaviors that are observable and measurable.

    Motivational Training [919 words]

    Want a motivated work force? One that will jump through fire, leap over buildings in a single bound, work faster than a speeding bullet? Then schedule an inspirational speech or hire a motivational speaker. If done well, you may immediately accomplish all of the above. Unfortunately, speeches that motivate people are best limited to "half-time", because second halves usually last 30 minutes, and, that's approximately the effective length of motivational speeches.

    Training That Produces No Change Is As Effective As A Parachute That Opens On The First Bounce [958 words]

    Motherhood, apple pie, and training. All sacred . . . until budgets become tight. Training is the first to go because, upon close inspection, we too often discover it isn't producing profitable results.

    Turbo Charging Your Training Parachute [636 words]

    'Constitutional' training turbo charges the training parachute. This is training "of the people, by the people, and for the people." 'Constitutional' training is based on several truisms...

  • HRIM MALL ......Your Internet Portal to Human Resources on the Web

    The HRIM MALL is your internet portal to Human Resources, providing information from around the world on the subjects of Human Resources and Technology. You can find Products, Services, Events, Press Releases, Professional Associations, Jobs, Articles, ListServ Posts and Responses, and Other HR Links.

  • HR Expertise

    This site is James Kinneer's contribution to the growing collection of Internet resources for human resources professionals. You'll find valuable information such as: HR FAQ, HR Links, HR related books and product reviews and more. This is a must see.

  • Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. (DBAI)

    "Founded in 1980, DBAI is a full service human resource and corporate relocation consulting firm serving clients based on a one to one relationship on a national basis."
    Daniel T. Bloom, Certified Relocation Professional
    Human Resources and Corporate Relocation Consultants
    PO Box 1233 Largo, FL 33779-1233
    Office: (727)581-6216 Fax : (727) 585-3519
    Web Page:

  • The PAR Group

    This site contains articles on work force development and information on improving some of the most critical skills of business: leadership, teamwork, sales, customer service and management. The PAR Group is a training company based in Atlanta, GA that produces award-winning coaching programs designed to build skill levels while people are involved in real work. Check here for information on sales training, leadership and management development, and the interpersonal skills necessary for success at teamwork and customer service.

  • Winning Associates

    This site has about 30 articles, new ones coming along real soon, on all aspects of employee relations, a question and answer section where you can ask Human Resource questions and get answers emailed directly to you (which is what really makes the site unique), and a brief history of Winning Associates. Come visit us. Expert in California employment law.

  • Access Business Online

    A very powerful business tool which contains news, directorie

    s, classifieds, articles, databases, international buyer-seller connections and BizWiz!
  • Dyanvest Business Services:

    Offers quality business assistance with a low

    cost alternative to high priced business consultants. See our web site for more info.
  • Docusearch

    Now any Internet-savvy individual can locate lost friends, track down debtors and deadbeats, or discover the secrets of the people with whom you associate. All searches are conducted online and it is totally professional, completely legal, and entirely confidential.

Career Services & Information:

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Free, on-line assessments

Miscellaneous Web Sites of Interest

Educational and then some:

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  • Visit the School-to-Work News home page.
  • The official home page of the WWII Battleship: USS Massachusetts.
  • Visit an unofficial homepage for Big Mamie the USS Massachusetts. Big Mamie is the nickname for the USS Massachusetts (BB-59), a World War II (WWII) South Dakota class battleship built in the Fore River shipyard in Quincy, MA, and currently open to the public in Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA. Come on down!!!
  • School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom by Karl Bunday who has been a proponent of education reform since he wrote his first letter-to-the-editor as a fifth-grader in the 1968-'69 school year. Now, as a nationally-known advocate of education reform, he actively participates in discussion groups on CompuServe, Prodigy, USENET, and various other online networks. As an outgrowth of his interest in education reform, Karl Bunday has contributed to the home schooling movement with several reading lists that aid home schoolers, scholars, policy makers, and activists.
    The most characteristic part of Karl's Web site is a comprehensive bibliography on education reform, perhaps already the largest in the world, and certain to be the largest in the world after forthcoming revisions. If someone wants to start a research project on education reform, especially what Karl calls "freedom-based" education reform, there is hardly a better place to start than in the bibliographies on the School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom! Web site. Karl keeps a pointer to all the bibliographies on the site on a separate page
  • Another Site by Karl Bunday
  • The Sociology Corner , by Allan Liska, includes all sorts of great links, plus connections to Allan's class web page, and to the web page of the mcdonaldization of society home page!!! check it out...and Allan welcomes all comments.
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