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Employee Background Checking
a service of Gately Consulting

Let our research company do the background checking for your new hires. Employee research reduces the risks of hiring by giving you essential information about your job applicants, accurately, promptly and professionally.

Our research company's staff will verify former employers, personal references, and educational references, criminal history report, and individual credit report and workers' compensation report. The list includes

  • contacting former employers
  • contacting personal references
  • verifying education
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Individual Credit Report
  • Business Credit Report
  • Drivers License Check
  • Professional License Check
  • Worker's Compensation Report
  • Rush Reports, Verbal report in 1 business day
  • The research company will then report the results by FAX, mail or telephone, usually within 72 hours. Why take a chance on a wrong hire, call now!

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