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Gately Consulting is a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, Inc.

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Client comments

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"Quotes of the Day"

Call Bob Gately @ 508-473-0955 if you have a question or would like a price quote on one or more of our assessments or services.

Click on the industry links below to read what executives say about the job fit/job match method of selecting employees. The number of executive comments in each industry is shown inside the ( ). A representative comment is shown inside the quotation marks.

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Quotes of the Day:

H.R. Consulting, Management (3)


"Thank you for your excellent article on personnel testing.

As you know, we have been using your products for over a year with excellent results. I would recommend all of your assessment instruments to anyone whose goal it is to improve their hiring and management procedures. In my practice I find that clients are almost desperate to have objective information to base hiring decisions upon. Your test - The Prevue - really meets that need.

I am equally impressed with the Employer Compliance Manual which I use on a daily basis. Thanks for all your help!"

Medical Centers & Services (3)

Executive VP Administration and Finance
State University Health Center
15,000+ employees

"My enthusiasm derives from lessons learned during the past six years, as our academic health center engaged in a serious culture change, simplified processes for our customers and reduced administrative costs associated with our services. Our journey would have been far less tumultuous had I known about your tools for making better hiring, promotion, management and training decisions. I tried many others that were highly rated, but that did not provide the comprehensive information we required in a customized, simple, and affordable manner.

What time did not permit me to share with your audience is the pain we experience when we hire or promote senior people with poor job fit. The costs of such mistakes have been staggering, to an embarrassing degree. The additional costs that result from poor morale are difficult to calculate, though we are certain they are significant. The severance package for just one senior executive this year, more than covered the costs of the investments that we are making in the your assessments. Clearly, we needed to invest in learning more about job candidates when it counts the most--before they are hired or promoted."

-- Index by Industry --

  1. Accounting Services (1) "the Prevue has helped us take the gut feel out of our hiring process."
  2. Ambulance Services (1) "the SOS...has made a tremendous difference in our hiring decisions. "
  3. Auto Dealers (6) "We have been very pleased with this investment decision."
  4. Banking (3) "I am very comfortable in recommending the Prevue Assessment to others..."
  5. Cable Industry (1) "...instrumental in lowering our turnover rate...and saving interviewing time."
  6. Career Counseling (1) "This tool has become an integral part of our selection process."
  7. Chiropractic Services (2) "The staff...continue to work for us and all fit their positions perfectly. "
  8. Cleaners (1) "I avoided promoting the wrong employee which was worth the cost of program."
  9. Cleaning Services, In House (1) " improved the quality of new hires and avoided 'disaster' hires"
  10. Communications (2) " I don't risk making job placements without having such vital information."
  11. Consulting, H.R. (3) "Users of the Prevue have the advantage over those that don't."
  12. Consulting, Management (2) "I would deem it as one of the best available tests in its class."
  13. Contractors, Heating (1) "your products help us hire and retain employees that fit into our culture."
  14. Courts, US District (1) "we plan to use the hiring report to reduce...the making...of mistakes."
  15. Credit Unions (1) "The SOS™ is a great tool...that I wouldn't want to be without..."
  16. Engineers (2) " your assessment is an essential component of our management system."
  17. Financial Services (2) "the first business tool...that uses behavior quantification to solve problems."
  18. Fast Food Restaurant (1) "We have a chain of McDonald's restaurants and are using the Prevue"
  19. Food Service (4) "your Assessment...isolates the superior, career-oriented candidates,"
  20. Freight Hauling (2) "We saved a considerable amount of money by not hiring, training, and ..."
  21. Guard Services (1) "We are very satisfied with the usefulness of both assessments."
  22. Health & Fitness (1) "results are beyond my expectations. I heartily recommend your products "
  23. Higher Ed., Grad. Business School (1) "the most modern profiling instrument available."
  24. Hospitality Industry (1) "a significant impact on turnover...customer satisfaction...higher than...ever"
  25. Insurance Industry (7) " 'gut instincts' are not enough when selecting people."
  26. Investment Counselors (1) "Everyone here is very pleased with the process and the results."
  27. Law Enforcement (1) "I recommend the Prevue to anyone who wants to improve their selection..."
  28. Legal (1) " until the Prevue hiring an attorney required a great deal of thought, work and--luck!"
  29. Management (1) "The Step One has taken the guesswork out of the hiring equation for honesty..."
  30. Manufacturing (11) "our hiring process, using the Prevue and our minimum score requirements, was upheld as valid and acceptable in a hearing before the National Labor Relations Board earlier this year"
  31. Medical Centers & Services (3) "The severance package for just one senior executive this year, more than covered the costs of the investments that we are making in the Profiles' assessments."
  32. Mental Health, Women's Services (1) "I recommend the any and all businesses"
  33. Moving (1) "the Prevue ...taken us to a new level in our hiring decisions and management of employees"
  34. Municipal Governments (1) "made it simple and easy to select police officers and other employees...We are able to customize job requirements in about an hour."
  35. Non-Profits (1) "As President...the Preview helps to find out much more about the interviewee."
  36. Oil Industry (1) "we have a much more precise method of determining who will fit our organization "
  37. Printing (1) "I now realize the benefits of tailoring new employee programs to each individual's unique personality, strengths and weaknesses"
  38. Public Schools (2) "The result has been above our expectations. Of note, the Prevue assisted us in screening out a candidate who would have had great difficulty with the teaching assignment. The Principals would have hired the person based on past substitute experience."
  39. Real Estate (1) "As we learned, some people interview very well but when tested with the Prevue Assessment they have a different personality than what was observed in the interview. "
  40. Recruiting, High Tech (2) "Thanks to the extremely accurate information provided by the Prevue Assessment, we have been able to select only those candidates who are 'a fit for the job' and are consistently generating sales increases. Due to the nature of our business we are sophisticated, experienced interviewers...the Prevue makes us even more effective professionals."
  41. Retail (4) "...Prevue Assessment...has helped us make better hiring decisions as a result of having quality information."
  42. Software Development (3) "We use the assessment as part of our already in-depth interview process to try and give our "hunches" some grounding and measure the logic/analytical skills"
  43. Staffing Services (2) "The Prevue has greatly enhanced or ability to hire quality applicants that are a good match for our team. The Prevue has reduced the risk of hiring good looking resumes and interviewers that might not fit well into our organization. "
  44. Telephone Services (1) "We have had extremely positive feedback from participants about the complete and detailed input they receive in their Individual 360° Feedback Report. The data is colorfully presented in multiple formats so that participants can view their management and team competencies first with a wide-angle lens and then progressively narrow the focus all the way down to the survey item level."
  45. Television and Radio (2) "I recommend your testing system for anyone who has ever hired what seemed like the best candidate only to find out months later they were not working out. I only wish I had learned about Prevue Assessment earlier in my management career."
  46. Testing, Analytical (1) " The information from these assessments proved to be very beneficial for us in developing the Company's profile of the 'total person'. Management felt comfortable using this information since it was based on valid data."
  47. Training (2) "Job fit or job match are critical factors for successful recruiting and employee retention. We have calculated the dollar cost of turning over an associate after six months to be about $30,000. It is impossible to estimate the emotional cost to our team when we lose someone we have grown to like as a person. At $145.00 per "Prevue" I calculate we could have "Previewed" almost everyone I have ever interviewed in my career and, as a result could have saved $450,000.00 over the past 10 years. "
  48. Wholesale (1) "The Prevue allows us to accurately pinpoint the candidate's strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we use the Prevue for existing employees to coach them in maximizing their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses."

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