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1. Sales Manager

"Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to your Prevue Assessment. Before Prevue Assessment I had to hire people based on my hope, luck and any true referrals I could get a hold of. That was before we hired you to help us conduct in-depth profiles of potential candidates prior to hiring them.

I thought I had seen this kind of test before. That was until you let me give it to my current staff. The feedback from those tests truly opened my eyes. The profiles were right on target.

I have given the Prevue Assessment twice since hiring you and both times convinced me I was making the right decision on my new hires. Its nice to have that peace of mind.

I recommend your testing system for anyone who has ever hired what seemed like the best candidate only to find out months later they were not working out. I only wish I had learned about Prevue Assessment earlier in my management career."


2. General Manager

"I have always been skeptical of personality tests as a device for screening sales applicants but your profiles system has made a believer out of me.

My objection to prior tests I have seen and taken is that they can be manipulated by the applicant to paint a personality that the employer wants to see, even if the "painting" does not actually reflect the real person.

This system is very nearly impossible to manipulate and shows a detailed picture of the applicant's personality as compared to our model.

We will always use the Profiles System as part of our A.E. hiring process."


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