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Software Development (2)

1. Human Resources Manager

"We are a software development company and our largest group of employees are Tech Support Analysts. For quite some time we have been looking for a tool or test that would measure logic and analytical skills to help us screen candidates and predict job success for this particular group.

We settled on the Prevue Assessment after talking to Bob Gately at length and going over a test booklet. We were fortunate to have an existing group of 15 employees that we could test to establish a success pattern. Managers and Tech Support Analysts alike both agreed with the initial results--especially the personality portion. Initially we had mixed reviews with the skills assessment portion. However, after explaining our confusion to Bob, he worked with me at length to interpret our results and set up a "truer" success pattern.

The software is easy to install and use. The reports are well written and well formatted. However, the time investment on my part was large. Though I have been recruiting for this position successfully for 2 years, I still had to spend a lot of time with the hiring manager and the Vice President to establish what skills they felt made the perfect Tech Support Analyst candidates. Bob gave me several suggestions and exercises to help us do just that. Armed with the new results and information, Bob generated a number of spreadsheets and tweaked our success pattern so that it works for us.

I've now used the assessment in two rounds of recruiting and have been pleased with the results. If you invest the money, be ready to invest the time. The immediate return on our investment has been that we've had to really quantify and qualify what it is we're looking for in a candidate, and therefore have an even clearer idea of the "job we're trying to fit." We use the assessment as part of our already in-depth interview process to try and give our "hunches" some grounding and measure the logic/ analytical skills-- it is not a magic bullet, but that's not what we were looking for. The other added benefit is that all of the existing Tech Support Analysts that were tested can be measured against the success pattern for better coaching and managing. I would expect that we can begin to measure our true ROI (Return On Investment) a year from now when we can see how our new hires are performing in their jobs. What we are expecting is that we will maintain low turnover, will have successful job fits and happy employees, and will have reduced the cost of managing poorly performing employees.

Hope this rather lengthy reply is helpful to you! I would be happy to go over any more questions you have or act as a reference for Gately Consulting."

2. President

"Thank you for all of your help this past week. I appreciate you taking the time to come out and train both of us on the Prevue Assessment System. We feel that this system will have the ability to measure potential employees, and provide us with an accurate description of each person. The Prevue system will enable us to put the right person in the right position.

Another feature that I am impressed with in the Prevue system is that we are able to design our own Benchmarks. This will enable us to save time before we even begin the interviewing process. The ability to run reports is also a great way for us to keep track of our personnel files.

I feel that by using this program our productivity will grow, therefore everyone here will benefit from this system."


Programming Services (1)

1. Human Resources Manager

"I want to express how pleased we are with the Prevue Assessment. The information it provides has become a integral Part of our decision making process for hiring and career development. I cannot imagine offering anyone a position in our company without first having this in-depth report to support our decision.

As you are aware, many of the people we hire function as technical consultants to our clients. Consulting is a demanding position requiring individuals who are independent, diplomatic, and calm in the face of crisis. The personality portion of the Success Pattern helps us to identify those individuals who can meet the challenges of our business.

We have also used the Assessment as a marketing tool. In general, we use it to show the thorough process we use in selecting our employees. In instances where an individual may not have all the technical experience the client is looking for, we have used an individual's mental abilities scores to show they have the analytical skills to pick up new technologies quickly.

We...encourage any business to try this new approach to solving people problems in their organization."


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