Quotes from Prevue Users

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Freight Hauling (2)

1. President, Freight Company

Customer Service & Inside Sales

"Recently, we had a rather remarkable benefit from using the Prevue Assessment.

We administered the Prevue to a young man we were considering for a key customer service and inside sales position. This gentleman came to us with several years of experience and a glowing letter of recommendation from his previous employer, a company very similar to our own.

The Prevue told us that he might be abrupt and lose his temper with customers. This type of behavior is unacceptable in our company and would not be tolerated. However, that information did not at all coincide with the wonderful recommendation given by his former employer in their letter.

We phoned his former employer who proceeded to paraphrase the letter, making very positive statements about his performance and the ability of this applicant. After listening to this, we read the former employer excerpts from the Prevue. After a very long pause he wanted to know how in the world we obtained this information, admitting that it very accurately described the candidate that we were interviewing. He told us of this applicant upsetting their customers.

As you know, my original doubt about the use of your technique was accountability. We simply do not spend money on things we cannot tie to results. Here is a specific money saving result through the use of the Prevue. We saved a considerable amount of money by not hiring, training, and then ultimately, terminating this employee. More importantly, we might have saved thousands more due to the fact that the Prevue prevented him from angering our customers and undermining our positive program of close customer relations.

Again, our thanks for an invaluable tool that is not only accountable, but also produces savings by multiples of cost."

2. Branch Manager

"I want to take a minute and thank you for your support in the implementation and use of the Prevue Assessment and Step One Survey. As we discussed, the benefit to our Ontario Branch - service department has been phenomenal.

Prior to using your instruments, our rate of retention was 3 out of 10 technicians. It is now 7 out of 10 technicians. At our current door rate these 4 additional techs on the floor can generate an additional $10,000 worth of income per month per tech for my department. The other benefit for using your products has been a much happier, more cohesive work group which has resulted in an additional 5 percentage points of gross profit which for my department is well over $100,000 a year.

The investment and time on the front side before we hire has paid off dramatically for us on the back side. Looking forward to many more successful years together."


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