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last updated on February 14, 2003
-- prices must be requested by email or telephone --

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If you have 50 or more employees, email Bob Gately (gately@compuserve.com) and let him know how many employees you have. Bob will send you a quote to access all of our on-line assessments, see descriptions below, . (This is a trial program so there may be limitations on who can take advantage of the trial program.) That's correct, unlimited usage of all of our on-line assessments, see items in the Quick Jump List below with an *. CheckPoint 360 not include.

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Profile Assessments

Scoring by User
Item Unit Cost ($)
10 to 49 Meters* . call
50 to 149 Meters* . call
150 to 499 Meters* . call
500 to 999 Meters* . call
1,000 or more Meters* . call
Internet Account, includes pc software.. call
* One Meter scores one assessment
Scoring by Gately Consulting
Item Unit Cost ($)
Full Program, on-site briefings* . call
Part of a study* . call
Individual scorings (min. of 10 for first purchase)* . call
Internet Account, includes pc software** . call
Note: Travel expenses not included
* One Meter scores one assessment ** Optional

Profile Starter Kit (call)

Includes the following:

  • On-line account for administering the Profile on the Internet
  • Software CD with Manual (IBM PC compatible, Windows 95/98 or NT) for administering the Profile on your computer and for downloading reports from the Internet account.
  • 10 Meters (one Meter scores one assessment)
  • 10 Profile Assessment booklets
  • Consultations by telephone
  • Additional Meters with purchase of Starter Kit--depends on quantity purchased, see above or call for details
  • Installation, Training and Consultations:

  • Installation and Training, if requested, call for pricing
  • Consultations, no charge by telephone
  • $1,500 per day for on-site consultations plus expenses
  • Profile Special Pricing Option

    If you have 50 or more employees, call Bob Gately (1-508-634-7748) and ask for a price to access all, on-line assessments (PRO, PTA, PPI, PSI, SOS, CCS, and CSS, see descriptions below) except the CheckPoint 360.

    CheckPoint 360° Assessment

    Drug Testing

    Profiles Call Center Survey

    Profiles Customer Service Survey

    Profiles Performance Indicator

    Profiles Sales Indicator

    Profiles Team Analysis

    Background Checking

    Honesty, Integrity, Work Ethic
    and Drug Use Attitude Assessment

    To place an order, call at 1-508-634-7748 and ask for Bob Gately.

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