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Bliss-Gately Tool
aka Business Costs and Impacts of Turnover

MS Office 97 Excel spreadsheet, revision 1 is now available

Bliss & Associates, Inc. and Gately Consulting.

Do you know the total cost to replace your best employees?
Shouldn't you know before they give their notice?
Can you afford not to know?

The Business Costs and Impacts of Turnover spreadsheet, see Press Release, will help you calculate the cost of replacing any and all employees. With this spreadsheet you'll know what actions to take to avoid losing your best employees to a competitor who knows the value of good employees. Isn't that a competitive advantage that you should have as well?

The full, working version of Revision 1 has 16 worksheets and numerous Data Input Forms. Print macros have been added for fast and easy printing. A worksheet has been added for storing data for later editing and reuse. The price is $249 plus $10 shipping for the single user version. If you purchased the original spreadsheet you are entitled to a free upgrade. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

To order the spreadsheet:

For additional information, see Press Release below or contact either:

Robert F. Gately, PE, MBA
115 Dutcher Street
Hopedale, MA 01747


William G. Bliss
Bliss & Associates Inc.
80 Balsam Road
Wayne, NJ 07470

Press Release

Bliss & Associates Inc. and Gately Consulting announces the development of the Business Costs and Impact of Turnover spreadsheet that allows companies to accurately identify the real cost of employee turnover

William G. Bliss, President of Bliss & Associates Inc., and Robert F. Gately, President of Gately Consulting, both management consulting firms, announced the development of the Business Costs and Impact of Turnover Spreadsheet. This product, available in a Microsoft Excel format, allows companies to determine the actual costs incurred when they loose an employee. The spreadsheet consists of over 40 elements to consider when calculating the cost of employee turnover, and has the calculation formulas built in for ease of use. This product is a must have for any CEO, Controller, Chief Financial Officer or Human Resources Executive who wants to identify the real cost of losing employees.

The Business Costs and Impacts of Turnover Spreadsheet is based on an article that has appeared in several publications and was written by Bliss. Dr. John Sullivan, Head of the Human Resources Management Program at San Francisco State University and a leading expert in calculating the dollar impact on business also provided his insight in preparing this product. The spreadsheet identifies costs to consider when determining the business impact of an employee who leaves the company. Such costs include lost productivity, the recruitment cost, the training costs and the new hire costs. All companies have to do is enter their hourly rates, hours, and various other costs and the spreadsheet does the rest.

"Employment experts have stated that it costs a company between 100 and 200 percent of an employee's base salary to replace a person. While there was some debate over what that exact number is in a company, this spreadsheet product finally allows companies to determine their actual costs" said Bliss. Gately added, "If you accept that the cost of turnover is 150% of base salary and a company looses 100 people a year at an average base salary of $50,000, the cost of turnover equates to $7.5 million dollars! That figure will surely get the attention of the CEO."

The product is offered for $249 for a single user version and $999 for a site license and $9,999 for a corporate license. Using the business principle of "what gets measured gets managed", this product provides an easy to use tool to really manage the impact of turnover. The product is available by calling Gately Consulting at 508-634-7748.

SOURCE: Bliss & Associates Inc. and Gately Consulting

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