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Profiles Call Center Survey
solutions to the biggest problems in your call center

You've made a major investment!

You've invested in telephone equipment and service, computers and software, building space, a marketing strategy, training, managers and supervisors, plus the payroll for telemarketers.

Your call center should be a model of efficiency. Is it?

Solve the Call Center Problem!

The Problem:

The Goal:

The Profiles Solution:

There is a way to identify and hire employees who fit the "call center culture." They have an understanding of sales principles and behavioral traits that indicate they are well suited for work in your call center.

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The solution is the Profiles Call Center Survey, a management tool that compares employees and job applicants to established call center benchmarks for success for either inbound or outbound.

Using the Profiles Call Center Survey helps you select employees who perform effectively and efficiently. You'll solve the turnover problem - they'll perform better, more reliably and stay with you longer.

Some of the things you can learn by using the Profiles Call Center Survey are an employee's or job applicant's understanding of sales principles plus their essential behavioral traits. These are important indicators of how well they will perform on the job.

The Profiles Call Center Survey:

This is the technology you've been missing!

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