Negotiator Pro Software

will help improve your negotiating skills

Negotiator Pro Software is a valuable asset for improving your company's negotiating expertise. You and your staff can use Negotiator Pro to become more savvy negotiators in such areas as:

Another benefit of Negotiator Pro is the consistency and accountability that it provides across offices, departments, branches and divisions. The following are just a few of the benefits of the Negotiator Pro for the interested executive:

Role playing and games:

Business and College Related Programs:

  1. Avoiding a strike
  2. Keeping the company open
  3. Plane crash
  4. Buyer-seller non-toxic chemicals
  5. Framingham - Siting a waste facility

Games for the family:

  1. Planning a Vacation
  2. Dividing Grandma's Things
  3. The Divorce Game
  4. Saving Romeo and Juliet
  5. Surviving the Plane Crash

Negotiation Role-Plays for trainers:

There are five games for use in corporate training programs, law firm training programs, colleges, universities, graduate schools, law schools, and business schools. The games teach group problem-solving, leadership skills, mediation skills, and negotiation skills. These games include:

  1. Buyer-Seller Game
  2. Planning The Family Vacation
  3. Surviving a Plane Crash
  4. Dividing Grandma's Things
  5. Hunting For Buried Treasure
Five familiar "disaster" scenarios that appeal to younger as well as older players:
  1. Surviving a Plane Crash
  2. Escaping an Earthquake
  3. Fleeing the Great Flood
  4. Stopping the Fighting
  5. Lords of the Islands
"The Family Games" include familiar family crises:
  1. Planning The Family Vacation
  2. Staying Married
  3. Getting Divorced
  4. Planning Dad's Future
  5. Dividing Grandma's Things
The Environmental Five Pack presents five classic environmental dilemmas:
  1. Siting a Transfer Station
  2. Controlling the Labs
  3. Saving the Fish
  4. Hunting For Buried Treasure
  5. Lords of the Islands

Available Software:

Negotiator Pro Version 4.7

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