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Employment Selection
and Compliance System

More Lawsuits Spell Trouble for Business:

A variety of laws and regulations have put employers on guard against violations that could threaten the very existence of their businesses. Severe penalties can be imposed for doing things that once were considered standard procedures. For instance, an employer cannot legally ask a job applicant whether or not he or she is married, has children or owns an automobile because those questions can be used to discriminate illegally. Also, an employer can be held liable for sexual harassment even when the offender is not an employee.

Employers who ignore the law are being vigorously prosecuted. Stiff fines and civil damages, on average, amount to $600,000. In addition, employers spend an average of $100,000 in legal fees defending themselves while losing 63% of the time. The Employment Selection and Compliance System from the Compliance Corporation of America will help employers avoid the pitfalls in hiring & firing of employees.

The Employment Selection and Compliance System presents a step-by-step method for legally hiring and terminating employees and it is written in layman's terms. The system is supplied in a three-ring binder for ease of use and updating.

Pricing: Call 1-508-634-7748 for pricing.

Every executive who interviews or hires people must have this information, without it, a company becomes a vulnerable target for multi-million dollar lawsuits. The Employment Selection and Compliance System is now available--call 1-508-634-7748 or email bob gately to place your order.

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