Profiles International, Inc., (Profiles) announces an exciting new product line to help employers improve customer service

The much-anticipated product additions to Profiles' customer service family are here at last! Profiles business partners have requested industry-specific assessments, and we are excited to announce that a new product line, the Customer Service Profile suite, is now available.

The new Customer Service Profile is suitable for all industries. In addition, it has been customized to include 4 industry specific "perspectives".

The Customer Service Profile (CSPII) Suite includes:

NOTE: Many organizations, particularly larger companies with several departments, could benefit from using more than one version of the Customer Service Profile.

Every year more businesses, no matter what industry, lose more clients, customers, guests and/or patients due to poor customer service. The Customer Service Profile suite assesses the attitudes and customer service proficiency of job candidates and employees. And now, assessments are available that identify important issues specific to certain industries.

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